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In all the ways the presidential candidates have tried to delineate themselves from their opponents, this one is something of a first. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been arguing over who’s more pro-abortion.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fought over the issue of abortion again as they traded criticisms in mailings and phone calls to New Hampshire voters over the weekend. Clinton started the melee with a mailing saying Obama is not pro-abortion enough and the Illinois senator responded.

The mailing accuses Obama of not standing up for abortion strongly enough when he was a member of the Illinois state legislature by voting present on a number of abortion-related bills.

The issue came up when the two campaigns fought in Iowa and Clinton went as far as having a leader of Emily’s List blast Obama over the votes.

But then, as LifeSite reports….

the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council came to Obama’s defense saying that it coordinated the strategy with Obama to help him and other lawmakers avoid taking heat from pro-life groups for voting against popular bills such as a ban on partial-birth abortions.

This is a new kind of fight, eh? Who wants to be seen as most aggressive pro-abortion? Clinton made it the point of a campaign mailing.

Obama’s campaign responded to the mailing with phone calls from Wendy Frosh, chair of the board of Planned Parenthood in Northern New England, who said Obama “has a 100 percent pro-choice record and has always been a champion for women’s rights.”

“Hillary Clinton’s last-minute smears won’t protect the right to choose, but as president Barack Obama will,” she says in the call, according to an AP report.

It’s time to publicly, logically, rationally dismantle this flimsy smokescreen called “choice” when it isn’t even that. And to discuss the other population not being protected in the abortion culture.

Why are they listening to some women’s rights activists and not others? That will no doubt change as the field narrows down, and Americans see what their choice ultimately is.

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