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The Manhattan Declaration is spreading at an astonishing rate.

Just the other day, it had nearly 50,000 signatures. Last time I checked as of this writing, 208, 416 individuals had signed on in support of what it so eloquently declares. If you click to ‘refresh’ the page after reading, you’ll see how many more just visited in the short time you were there.

In the short time it took to write this post, I’ve checked back to get the figure update. In that time, it grew by nearly 200. This is huge.

One thought on “At last count…

  1. Eleven days have passed, and merely 220,000 Christians have had the temerity to support for the declaration. Admittedly, that is an impressive number. Bogus telephone polls have touted that 86% of Americans are Christians = 265 million folks who should be clamoring to embrace ‘’. Where are they?
    In ‘What in the Word is Going On?’, David Jeremiah estimated that only 25% of Americans will ‘disappear’ in the End = 77 million. Again, where are their names on the declaration? Was David Jeremiah overly optimistic? Is this statement of faith and belief a test of our resolve?
    AW Loescher

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