‘Assistance with an intentioned death’

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Or killing, in other words. No matter how the assisted suicide people play with semantics, they’re ending lives. And feeling good about it.

Take ‘Reverend Death,’ for example.

A well-known assisted suicide activist is making plans to open a “right-to-die” hospice in Gastonia. The Rev. George Exoo says he wants to help terminally ill people end their lives in a quick and painless manner but some in the medical community are concerned about his plans.

“I think it’s the reason I’m placed on this planet,” Exoo told a film crew in the documentary “Reverend Death.”

Over the years, Exoo says he’s directly helped more than 100 people end their lives. He’s assisted an additional 20 over the phone…

“I have a heart and a passion for those people, and so reaching out to them may be in the spirit of the Good Samaritan. That’s why I do this,” he said.

This is sinister and seriously misguided, and we need to tighten up laws to protect the vulnerable against such predators. Call things what they are.

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