HHS contraceptive mandate threatens more than religious freedom

It’s an assault on sensibilities. Worse, it’s perpetuating the real ‘war on women’ along with the myths about a phony one. Because the drugs being claimed under the umbrella of ‘women’s preventive health services’ are actually dangerous for women’s health. Who’s talking about that?

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, for one. She’s president and co-founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and one of the nation’s leading authorities on the causes of breast cancer and reasons for the soaring incidence of it over the past several decades. Her interest in investigating the abortion-breast cancer link started when she began seeing younger and younger women in her office with breast cancer and discovered abortion was a common denominator. Through seminars and reports and anything else she can disseminate, Dr. Lanfranchi has been trying to point people to this link as a warning, with science and scientific studies proving its cause and effect. Resources on that are available on the BCPI website.

So is the latest information on the risks of birth control drugs to women’s health. Video of Dr. Lanfranchi’s presentation at ‘The Pill Kills National Symposium’ and the Q&A followup are found here, along with a concise brochure making the most important points clear and punctuated. It’s called ‘The Pill Kills: The Life Threatening Medical Consequences of Oral Contraceptives’ and answers basics like ‘What is the “Pill”? and lists ‘The 4 Ways The Pill Kills’ among other essentials. And with about 82 percent of American women taking these drugs, they are essentials.

 I talked with her Monday, in light of the ruling last Friday by a federal judge requiring the government to make the morning-after pill available over the counter to women and girls of all ages without a prescription.

Dr. Lanfranchi said in the time since the FDA approved the birth control pill over 50 years ago, we’ve learned a lot about it’s effects and “we’re only beginning to understand the impact” it has had on women’s health. “A lot of people know something is wrong,” she said. “But they’re not being told by their doctors.”

By contrast, look back to 2002, she said, when ‘hormone replacement therapy’ was proven – and reported – to cause a 26 percent increase in the risk of breast cancer. “At the time, there were 30 million women on hormone replacement therapy,” she told me. “After this news came out, about 15 million of them stopped abruptly.” And a follow up report in 2007 showed a markedly lower incidence of breast cancer.

So why the silence on the risks of ‘The Pill’? “It’s a group 1 carcinogen,” Dr. Lanfranchi said emphatically. “It can cause blood clots that can be lethal. Women are fertile only about 100 hours a month, but they’re putting this molotov cocktail in their bodies the other three weeks and nobody is talking about the dangers.”

She is, and her voice has been added to amicus briefs in lawsuits filed by Hobby Lobby and others against the federal HHS mandate requiring employers provide access to contraceptive drugs including the morning-after pill, which threatens not only the religious freedom and conscience rights of employers, but the health of the women taking these drugs. The BCPI newsletter has more information on that action in its current issue, found online at their site.

This needs more coverage. Women are finding out the hard way, and trying to warn others because it seems no one else will. Help them. At least check out the information, even if you’re skeptical. Some people are paying a terrible price now for the deception and coverup of these facts. Countless others will, down the road. That need not happen.

Planned Parenthood’s political power

There’s a lot in the news about contraception and health care and Planned Parenthood right now. And a lot more that should be.

The scope of this is staggering.

Let’s go through just a few of the many stories.

Contraceptives are now recommended to be required in health care law.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is praising a recommendation from the Institute of Medicine that insurance companies be required to offer free contraceptives to all women in a report she called ” historic,” suggesting she may make the recommendation an official policy.

The prospect of free, government-ordered contraceptives and even agents to induce abortion, has ignited a national debate. Some are clearly pleased.

Many are clearly not.

After the Institute of Medicine (IOM) this week publicly backed government-mandated birth control coverage, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is standing in the breach against what would prove a massive victory for abortion giant Planned Parenthood…

“Pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Tuesday.

Like other conservative leaders, the USCCB pro-life chairman noted that the mandate would violate the conscience rights of Americans morally opposed to birth control, and objected to coverage of “emergency contraception” such as ella, a chemical functionally identical to the abortion drug RU-486.

But the cardinal’s challenge did not stop there: DiNardo noted that the IOM report was so radical as to have indicated interest in recommending full abortion coverage as well. The report stated that, “despite the health and well-being benefits to some women,” abortion was outside of the project’s scope given federal legal restrictions.

“But most Americans surely see that abortion is not healthy or therapeutic for unborn children, and has physical and mental health risks for women which can be extremely serious,” wrote the cardinal, who noted the celebration of Planned Parenthood, “the single largest abortion provider in the United States,” over the report.

“I can only conclude that there is an ideology at work in these recommendations that goes beyond any objective assessment of the health needs of women and children,” he said.

That’s an understatement.

Let’s go back to some coverups by federal agencies for the abortion industry. Like this one that would have been called famous had it been reported by the media.

Though it did get reported.

Less than two months since the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force issued new guidelines recommending against routine mammograms for women in their forties, a second breast cancer scandal involving a U.S. government panel of experts has come to light which has implications for healthcare reform.

An April 2009 study by Jessica Dolle et al. of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center examining the relationship between oral contraceptives (OCs) and triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in women under age 45 contained an admission from U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) researcher Louise Brinton and her colleagues (including Janet Daling) that abortion raises breast cancer risk by 40%.

(emphasis added)

“Although the study was published nine months ago,” observed Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, “the NCI, the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and other cancer fundraising businesses have made no efforts to reduce breast cancer rates by issuing nationwide warnings to women.”

Brinton was the chief organizer of the 2003 NCI workshop on the abortion-breast cancer link, which falsely assured women that the non-existence of the link was “well established.”

(emphasis added)

Brinton has been out of reach of the media since the 2009 report that abortion raises breast cancer risk by 40 percent. Even liberal pro-choice writers checking on this incongruity have found the NCI website to only answer inquiries by linking back to the faulty and biased 2003 report.

The founders of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute have abundant resources on their site detailing the scientific studies and medical evidence linking contraceptives and abortion to breast cancer.

Which is why it’s crazy to think that the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation would be linked in any way with Planned Parenthood. They ought to extend their considerable resources to researching prevention before a cure is necessary. But that would direct them back to Planned Parenthood…

Which is why some U.S. bishops have finally called on Catholic institutions to redirect their charitable contributions and fundraising for breast cancer prevention and cure to other organizations without any morally objectionable connections. Toledo Bishop Leonard Blair issued this letter, for instance. Here’s a snip:

For some time, moral questions have been raised from various quarters about the research funded by the Komen Foundation. The Bishops of Ohio have discussed this and have looked into the matter. As best we can determine, at present the Komen Foundation does not fund cancer research that employs embryonic stem cells. However, their policy does not exclude that possibility. They are open to embryonic stem cell research, and may very well fund such research in the future. They are also contributors to Planned Parenthood, which, though it may claim to provide needed medical services to poor women, is also the largest provider of abortions in our country.

But they got that way by being extremely industrious and aggressive in their lobbying and political activism. Which gets back to the top and latest news story in this cycle…