If they worried that JFK would be controlled by the Pope…

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…is anyone concerned about the amount of influence Sen. Obama’s spirital leader would have over him in a higher office?

At the core of the Democratic front-runner’s faith — whether lapsed Muslim, new Christian or some mixture of the two — is African nativism, which raises political issues of its own.

What is this claimed based on?

In 1991, when Obama joined the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, he pledged allegiance to something called the Black Value System, which is a code of non-Biblical ethics written by blacks, for blacks…Such racial separatism is strangely at odds with the media’s portrayal of Obama as a uniter who reaches across races.

That’s sure true, and it’s not just the media’s portrayal of Obama as a uniter that projects that identity for him. It’s the Obama campaign and the senator himself talking about it, and running on that theme.

So, one may think, it was part of his past. How about now?

In short, Obama’s “unashamedly black” church preaches the politics of black nationalism. And its dashiki-wearing preacher — who married Obama and his wife and now acts as his personal spiritual adviser — is militantly Afrocentric. “We are an African people,” the Rev. Jeremiah Wright reminds his flock, “and remain true to our native land, the mother continent.”…

Wright makes the Rev. Jesse Jackson look almost moderate and patriotic. Yet this is whom Obama picked to baptize his daughters, plus to act as his “sounding board” during his presidential run.

That’s the part that should prompt some questions, and fair ones at that. America has come a long way in race relations and made great advancements. We need to know if a presidential candidate is informed by any principles of discrimination, even reverse. The Congressional Black Caucus is sponsoring a South Carolina Democratic debate on January 21, five days before the Democratic primary in that state. The question of this minister’s influence on Sen. Obama should be asked, and answered.

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